Research Fellow at Harvard University, USA.

Currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging and Photonics. My main research focus is on developing advanced optical systems for life science and biological applications.

Postdoctoral Researcher at University College Dublin, Ireland.

Postdoctoral researcher and project leader on a 100% industry-funded project. In addition to project management, my main fields of work were in optical design and system alignment.

Co-founder at Sula Health Ltd.

Co-founder of Sula, a company that develops devices to treat various circadian rhythm disorders through compact light therapy. Main roles were business development, scientific research, early prototyping, and assessing the IP landscape.

Visiting Junior Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Granted a visiting junior fellowship by Tokyo Institute of Technology to conduct a 6-month research collaboration. During the fellowship, I presented research at the winter meeting of the Vision Society of Japan and the spring meeting of the Japanese Society of Applied Physics.


My PhD was completed with joint industry-academic funding and was titled ‘Polychromatic modelling of the human eye containing a GRIN lens’. I have two first-author peer-reviewed publications from my PhD and I gave five oral conference presentations.

BSc in Physics and Applied Physics

Graduated top of the class with a final year average of 87.25%, and was awarded the title University Scholar in first, second and third year based on my academic results. I completed two summer research internships during my degree, and my final year dissertation was titled ‘Finite element analysis of the accommodative response of the human eye lens’.